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Hello all

Below are some quick updates on upcoming events. We have more than a few planned for the next week for so, both for projects and for non-project causes. Also, please keep in mind that our project in Honduras, and our potential projects in Tanzania and Nicaragua are looking for volunteers, so please see below for information on how to join.

1. Chapter Planning Meeting – Next Tues (3/1)
Our exec team and collaboration/networking committee will be meeting next Tuesday to discuss plans for developing clearly defined goals for the chapter in the coming months and years. We would love to have anyone who is interested in helping develop our chapter in the coming months, as we reach out to collaborate with other student and professional chapters and to promote sustainable engineering in developing communities. Come to learn about what our chapter is planning in the next few months. Anyone who is interested, please contact me directly at secretary@ewbboston.dreamhosters.com.

2. Tanzania Group meeting – Next Weds (3/2)
One group of dedicated volunteers has been investigating a potential partnership with an NGO in Tanzania. Those of you who attended the December and January meetings may have had the opportunity to hear about this potential project, which may include design of stoves, schools, and solar installations. Our chapter contact, Peter Jepson (peter.jepson@hcstarck.com), will be presenting some pictures on the project, and the group will meet to make some plans. Please contact Peter if you have interest in the project and/or interest in attending the meeting.

3. Nicaragua Group
Another group of dedicated volunteers has begun to look at a potential project in Nicaragua; the community is looking to build a school for adults there. Our group has made contact with the NGO there, and is looking to start filling in the holes in the project application. Anyone interested should contact Margaret McMorrow (margaret.mcmorrow@gmail.com) for more information. If there are any structural engineers interested in development projects, Margaret would love to hear from you.

4. Honduras Project
And don’t forget our existing project in Honduras. Bill Kearney and Steve Gately gave a great presentation on the project at our last chapter meeting. They are always looking for more volunteers for their project, and there is still a lot of planning they need to do before their next trip this summer/fall. Please see their website for more information, and contact the team at honduras@ewbboston.dreamhosters.com. I’d be happy to get you in touch with the team as well.

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